Tappin’ Roots Ingredient Spotlight

What’s in a Name?

‘Tappin’ Roots All Stages’ is a fusion of wild and sustainably harvested plant extracts. Our proprietary formula is a results driven recipe that combines a powerhouse of naturally occurring bio-stimulants, organic growth factors, enzymes, and vital nutrients.

Within each of our plant extracts is a plethora of highly beneficial and powerful components. Each of these individual parts play an important role in plant health, but together, they work synergistically to yield impressive results, naturally.

Imagine a smoothie with an array of nutrient dense superfoods. It’s easy to understand that the smoothie as a whole is of great value to immediate and long term health and performance. Now, break that smoothie down into it’s individual ingredients. Let’s use kale as an example. Kale is comprised of a vast spectrum of nutrients and is responsible for many healthy functions. I offer this analogy in an attempt to demonstrate that Tappin’ Roots has selected powerful, natural ingredients; ingredients offered by nature and perfected by modern technology. So, to better understand these ingredients and subsequently the outstanding results derived from use of our formula, we’re going to take a closer look.

So, let’s break it down.

In the following blog series we will profile active ingredients and key components within our products. Each blog post will outline the overall value of such actives and then break them down into smaller pieces in an effort to illustrate a picture of performance.

(Look for our next post where we will highlight the importance of Minerals!)

Tappin' Roots