Tappin’ Roots All Stages – Product Spotlight

To be successful, indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists must have a basic understanding of the three crucial stages of plant growth. These stages are the seedling/clone stage, the vegetative stage and the fruiting/flowering stage. Each stage has its own intricacies and many growers spend countless hours trying to master each stage. The seedling/clone stage is important because every plant starts from a seed or clone and competence in this stage is crucial for growers who are looking to operate perpetual gardens. A perpetual garden is not possible if the gardener falls short of a certain skill level in the seedling/clone stage. The vegetative stage is the stage when the majority of the plant growth occurs. For many plant species, this stage is when a plant creates green, lush growth and is also when the plant’s structural integrity is strengthened to support the forthcoming fruits and/or flowers. The vegetative stage is essentially the stage when the ground work for large yields is laid. The healthier a plant is during the vegetative stage, the better it will perform during the fruiting/flowering stage. Lastly, the fruiting/flowering stage is the stage of growth when the plant attempts reproduction by producing flowers and/or fruits. It is during this stage that the fruits of a horticulturist’s labor literally materialize. All three stages of growth are equally important for optimizing a garden’s performance. 

Product Spotlight: Tappin’ Roots All Stages









Tappin’ Roots All Stages is a fertilizer comprised completely of botanical extracts. The patented blend of botanical extracts used in the Tappin’ Roots formula are wild harvested and carefully selected for their unique ability to stimulate healthy growth throughout a plant’s life cycle. This unique formula naturally triggers healthy growth while also aiding in the overall vigor of the plant. In other words, Tappin’ Roots All Stages provides benefits to the plants during the seedling/clone stage, the vegetative stage and the fruiting/flowering stage. It is not at all uncommon for a grower to visibly see impressive results within days of application. Tappin’ Roots All Stages’ powerful recipe of natural extracts (mainly kelp and willow) works synergistically to stimulate and regulate a plant’s natural growth functions. Tappin’ Roots All Stages fine-tunes all stages of growth and takes plants to a higher level of health and vitality. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is an effective alternative to synthetic rooting hormones and synthetic growth stimulators. Young, tender roots will never be adversely affected by Tappin’ Roots All Stages. In fact, it is impossible to burn plants with Tappin’ Roots All Stages. This means it can be used in stronger dilutions with zero risk of burning or nutrient lockout.

Tappin’ Roots All Stages can be used as a foliar spray and/or a root drench. Growers routinely see results in just a few days with either application method. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is compatible with all hydroponic, aquaponic and soil growing systems. It can also be used as a stand-alone fertilizer or in conjunction with any fertilizer regiment. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is pH neutral so it will not affect the pH of hydroponic systems or nutrient reservoirs. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is 100% natural, biodegradable, and completely safe for people, pets, and plants.

Green Manufacturing









The ingredients in Tappin’ Roots All Stages are 100% organic and derived in a nondestructive manner. In fact, the ingredients are wild harvested using ecologically sustainable methods. Every batch is processed without the use of harsh chemicals. This is important because many “organic” fertilizers contain natural ingredients but those ingredients are derived via harsh chemical extraction processes. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is processed without the use of chemicals, giving the grower a truly 100% natural product. Dandelion Enterprises’ manufacturing approach not only ensures a top-tier natural product for the grower but also eliminates the negative environmental impact associated with the fertilizer manufacturing process.

Smart Pot Cross Promotion

We have teamed up with our friends at High Caliper Growing (the manufacturers of Smart Pot) to create a cross promotion which joins the power of Tappin’ Roots All Stages with the benefits of a fabric potting container. For a limited time, free 4 ounce samples of Tappin’ Roots All Stages will be included with some 5 and 7 gallon Smart Pots. These specially marked Smart Pots will be available in stores soon. Make sure you ask your local garden or hydroponic retailer about this promotional offer. Fabric potting containers offer multiple benefits, including better aeration to the root zone. Combining the benefits of growing in a Smart Pot with the incredible enhancement power of Tappin’ Roots All Stages is sure to impress even the most serious gardeners.

It is not easy to become a master of the three stages of plant growth. Many gardeners spend years attempting to become better horticulturists. The good thing is that the trials and tribulations of a horticulturist are not felt alone. There are many products designed to help aid growers in their quests for garden perfection. Tappin’ Roots All Stages is one of those products that can quickly help growers of all skill levels increase their gardens’ overall performance. Tappin’ Roots All Stages has the unique ability to provide significant benefits to plants regardless of the stage of growth. From the seedling/clone stage to the fruiting/flowering stage, growers who are serious about making their garden all it can be should give Tappin’ Roots All Stages a try.Tomato-grow-test copy