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Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis Hybrid)

 Phalaenopsis orchids are often known as Moth Orchids. These Lucky Orchids Phalaenopsis orchids were actually named after the Phalaena genera of moths, as they were thought to look like moths when in flight. Phalaenopsis Orchids don’t actually grow in soil in their natural habitat. Moth orchids obtain their nutrients and water from the air. They attach to the branches or trunks of trees. They only use the host tree as a home and aren’t parasitic to the tree in any way.  Phalaenopsis orchids grow aerial roots, which grow out of the pots. If you keep a l developing multiple tendril-like aerial roots which will spill out of the pot and hang in the air extending for water and nutrients.  Do not remove the tendri; it could hurt the Orchid.

Moth Orchids like indirect sunlight; they are originally shaded by tree canopies in their natural habitat. This beautiful Orchid is native to southeast asia and is found in himalayas, Philippines Thailand, Taiwan ,Australia.

 Phalaenopsis orchids have been on the planet for thousands of years. Phalaenopsis orchids are the longest blooming of the orchids and can reasonably be expected to flower for at least 2 months.  Often for up to 6 months at a time. Care for your Orchid is simple water with an ice cube you can also water with Tappin Roots All stages Plant Fertilizer. If your orchid has become dormant Spray some Tappin Roots all stages on the tendrils or leave.  It will produce more Orchids with in 2 weeks !

If you are lucky, your orchid might start to develop a new baby orchid from right on the  flower spike of the mother plant. Phalaenopsis will bloom several times which is a real treat. They bloom 2 times a year for one month at a time. Orchids can live up to 100 years.

Orchids fill your space with great energy and beauty. They create a great gift or to add on to your Orchid collection. Tappin’Roots prides itself in bringing only top quality and rare plant species to the market.  Lucky Orchids for Lunar New year or any celebration. We will soon have rare orchid flower selection.

Tappin'Roots Moth Orchid
Tappin’Roots Moth Orchid


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