Dynamic Soil Amending Plant Food


Tappin’ Roots Dynamic Soil Amender is a high-potency formula designed to improve the quality of your growing medium and encourage superior plant development. Our formula is specially designed with key ingredients that bring brilliance to plants by rejuvenating vital components that compose the dynamic nature of the soil.

Packaged for easy application and convenience, each five-gallon bucket treats a pallet to one and a half pallets of soil.

Dynamic Soil Amender can also be used as a full-spectrum plant food throughout a plant’s life cycle. For even more outstanding results, use in conjunction with Tappin’ Roots Natural All Stages Plant Fertilizer.

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Dynamic Soil Amending Plant Food.

  • Improves retention of water and nutrients in the soil (highly effective in times of drought or for water conservation).
  • Loosens soil particles and improves movements of air and water through the soil
  • Improves availability and uptake of nutrients from the soil
  • Improves decomposition and release of nutrients
  • Contains decomposed matter that provides food for soil microbes
  • Supplies available forms of essential primary, secondary, and micronutrients including phosphorous, calcium, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, and iron

Other Benefits

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use formula
  • Retains soil moisture and nutrients
  • Improves overall soil environment qualityDynamic Soil Amending Plant Food
  • One 5 gallon bucket treats 70 bags of soil!

Derived From

Rock Phosphate, Feather Meal, Dehydrated Chicken Manure, Worm Castings, Bone Meal, Glacial Rock Dust, Oyster Shell, Green sand, Gypsum, Kelp Meal, Sulfate of Potash, Blood Meal, Elemental Sulfur, and Bat Guano

Soil Amending Ingredients


Directions for Use

Mix 1 cup of Dynamic with 1.5 cubic ft of soil for first application. Then top-dress with 2-3 tbs. every 7 days. For heavier application, mix 2 cups of Dynamic with 1.5 cubic feet of soil and top-dress with 2-4 tbs. every 7 days. Discontinue use four weeks before flower.

Not for use in organic crop and organic food production.

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 in

2lb, 11lb, 5oz, 28lb, 5oz, 1 yard tote, 20lb Bucket

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