Sea Nectar High Potassium Natural Plant Fertilizer - Tappin' Roots

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Tappin’ Roots Sea Nectar is the extract of nutrient rich red algae (Kappaphycus alvarezii). It supplies an array of macro & micro nutrients, trace minerals, amino acids, high concentrations of potassium and luxury levels of growth promoting substances. Make Sea Nectar your go to high potassium liquid fertilizer!

An application of Sea Nectar will deliver an army of growth stimulating properties and will quickly spark key metabolic functions in all plants. As a result, the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients, maximize yields and flourish is substantially increased.

Sea Nectar is an exceptional additive to all gardens, growing systems and feeding regimen.

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Benefits of Tappin' Roots Sea Nectar:

  • Promotes superior plant development
  • Increases fruit quantity, size, color & sugar content
  • Improves plant’s resistance to disease, insect & environmental stress
  • Accelerates nutrient uptake
  • Improves fertilizer efficiency – reducing fertilizer inputs up to 25%
  • Provides ample levels of potassium
  • Increases plant yields
  • Increases profitability per acre in commercial applications
  • For use on all indoor and outdoor gardens
  • Increases the quality and yield of all crops
  • 100% soluble – won’t clog irrigation systems
  • Natural soil-conditioner & increases microbial soil activity

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Compatible with: All soil & soil-less media, coco & filtered drip systems.

Great for: Seedlings, transplants, container gardens, food & herb gardens, flowering gardens, annuals, perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, ornamental plants and all indoor & outdoor gardens.