Tappin’ Roots is a natural blend of concentrated botanical extracts, boosted with calcium. It is a super growth energizer and works to stimulate and regulate all plant growth functions to a high level of performance. It does this without the use of any synthetics. It is a proven, 100% natural formula.

The extracts we use are incredibly rich in powerful plant hormones and brimming with essential micronutrients. Our proprietary extraction process releases these components at greater levels allowing for a highly effective formula. Our extracts are extremely available to plants and will greatly increase growth in all stages. Results can be seen within a few days, naturally.

Dandelion Enterprises is a family owned business located in Occidental, California. After decades of organic farming, the Berryessa family developed a plant tonic that utilized the intelligence of nature to grow super premium crops and maximized yields, without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers. After witnessing years of success on their farm, the family decided to offer the recipe to other growers in the area and began selling their formula at local farmers markets in Sonoma county. The feedback was always 5 stars and demand quickly skyrocketed. Less than 3 years later, they were accepted into major distribution.

  • The incredible results obtained with Tappin’ Roots can be attributed to the naturally occurring growth factors intrinsic in our extracts which are boosted by a spectrum of supportive micronutrients.
  • The extracts within our formula actually communicate with the plant, sending signals that accelerate and fine tune all stages of growth.
  • Natural Phytohormones
  • Essential micronutrients
  • Calcium
    • Plant hormones are not nutrients, but natural chemicals produced within the plant that promote and influence growth and development. They are also known as growth factors or growth hormones. They shape the entire plant. They affect which tissues grow upward and which grow downward. They determine the formation of strong stems and leaves along with the development of flowers and the ripening of fruit. Hormones are vital to plant growth, and without them, plants would mostly be a mass of undifferentiated cells. Our selected extracts are particularly high in phytohormones and when they are applied to other plants, they work quickly to stimulate and regulate plant growth processes enabling plants to reach a higher level of performance.

*It’s important to note that the plant hormones present within Tappin’ Roots are in their original state. They are not isolated or synthesized. They are naturally occurring, unprocessed and raw. This �?whole form’ availability allows for increased synergistic assimilation and eliminates any potential overuse or burning.

  • Micronutrients are essential for plant growth and play a vital role in balanced plant nutrition. They are as important to plant nutrition as primary and secondary nutrients, though plants don’t require as much of them. A lack of any one of the micronutrients in the soil can limit growth, even when all other nutrients are present in adequate amounts.
  • We derive our micronutrients from Kelp extract. Given it’s growing environment (mineral rich sea water) kelp is brimming with over 70 micronutrients in a bioavailable form.

Calcium is an essential plant nutrient with many vital roles.  Similarly, calcium promotes strong bones in our bodies, it also helps to build strong cell walls in plants, resulting in increased strength. Calcium helps plants uptake and process other nutrients more effectively and promotes proper plant cell elongation. Calcium also helps in protecting the plant against heat stress by aiding in the induction of heat shock protein as well as greater defenses against diseases. Numerous fungi and bacteria secrete enzymes that impair plant cell walls…stronger cell walls, induced by calcium, can avoid the invasion.

  • Promotes superior & vigorous root growth.
  • Promotes strong vegetative/foliage growth (in typical cases, Tappin’ Roots cuts veg time in half in a indoor growing environment).
  • Promotes premium flowering & fruiting.
  • Promotes all plant growth processes.
  • High in essential micronutrients.
  • Can be used on any plant, any size, at any stage of growth with positive results.
  • Can be used in stronger dilutions with zero risk of burning or nutrient lockout.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with any feeding regimen.
  • Compatible with all growing systems (soil, hydro, aeroponics, etc..)
  • Fast results
  • Made by hand in individual batches = high quality control
  • PH neutral
  • Foliar feeding = visible results in 1-2 days
  • Root drench = visible results in 3 days

Yes. Tappin Roots is 100% natural. We use only organic ingredients and are currently in the process of obtaining organic certification as well as OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certification.

No. There is zero risk of burning plants with Tappin’ Roots. Our formula is very safe and will not burn even if used at a greater strength. It is a gentle, yet powerful formula.

Tappin’ Roots may have a sulfur odor. This is normal and also an indicator that it has just been bottled. The odor is simply the result of an off gassing process that happens with the organic extracts. Our bottles are equipped with specific off gassing lids to further help this process out. Once the off gassing is finished, the smell will dissipate. During this natural process, the efficacy of the formula is still 100%.

Yes. Tappin’ Roots can be used alone with great results or in conjunction with any feeding regimen. If added to a feeding program, it will amplify results. Tappin’ Roots provides a natural and sustained energy shot for all stages of plant growth.

  • 6-8 Tsp/gallon for all application methods and growth stages including: Cuttings, Seedlings, Vegetative, Mature, Foliar Spray.
  • 8-10 Tsp/gallon for flowering stage.
  • Tappin’ Roots comes in a range of sizes – all sizes are concentrated and meant for dilution.
  • 8 oz bottles (makes 8 gallons), Quarts, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 55 gallon

Can be used as little as once per week, or as often as every watering for increased results.

Tappin’ Roots is safe and biodegradable. It is made with pure, organic plant extracts and is non-toxic to people, pets and the planet. If used beyond suggested dilution rates, it will not burn plants or harm any living thing.

Our main extract for Tappin Roots’ is grown on the family farm in Occidental, Ca. The formulation and production is done at our facility in Santa Rosa, Ca.

  • A starting fertilizer
  • Transplant shock reducer
  • Single fertilizer
  • Growth stimulant to add to other feeding programs
  • Natural tonic to revive failing or stressed plants
  • All Indoor and outdoor gardens.
  • All growing mediums/systems and environments
  • All plants at any stage of growth
  • All application methods (root drench, foliar spray)
  • Can be added to a compost tea to supercharge results
  • Add as a booster ingredient for custom fertilizer blends
  • All gardeners can benefit from Tappin’ Roots.

Tappin’ Roots is unique, safe, user friendly, and effective! 

It can be used at any time of year, on any plant, at any stage of growth. Results are fast, natural and sustained with

 continual usage.

See results in a few days!