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Custom Fertilizer Blends

We now offer custom fertilizer blends!

Can’t find a product on the market that suits your needs?

We can produce and ship product to your specifications. Organic? Conventional? Plant based? Chemical-based? Soluble? Granular? Macronutrients? Micronutrients? Plant growth regulators? You need it, we can make it.

Whether you are a backyard gardener, indoor plant lover, weekend warrior, large agriculture producer, landscaper, specialty crop farmer, or hydroponic enthusiast, we can custom design a product to suit your needs.

Do you have soil analysis results?

We can build a custom product to improve your soil to help your plants reach their greatest potential.

Minimum order quantities apply and vary with blend complexity. Bulk discounts are available for large agriculture applications. Contact us today about your custom fertilizer blend needs!


Field of corn with blue sky. Custom fertilizer blends now available!Carrots, cucumber, and peppers in baskets. Custom fertilizer blends now available!   Blue green succulent plant. Custom fertilizer blends now available!