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Beyond Vitamin B1 – A Botanical Extract You Should Know About!

One of the most exciting sights for gardeners is the first sign of spring.  As the daylight grows and the soil warms up, the movement of flora and fauna awakens. Soft grass sprouts, bright green leaves emerge from dormancy, and swelling flower buds burst into colorful bouquets. Both birds and gardeners begin to sing!  Planting …

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Biochar: The Ultimate Soil Savior

In the world of soil amenders, biochar is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly, and effective supplements you can add to your soil. The addition of biochar will create a self-propagating system that will maintain a bio-active, vibrant, and regenerated soil.  At Tappin’ Roots, we know biochar’s benefits to your garden are tremendous, and …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Minerals

Just as important as oxygen is to life, plants need minerals! Minerals are both macro and micronutrients. While micronutrients are not required in large amounts by plants, they are essential for supporting optimal plant growth and function. Without the micronutrients, plants are not able to properly utilize macronutrients. The absence of adequate minerals will create …

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Tappin’ Roots Ingredient Spotlight

What’s in a Name? ‘Tappin’ Roots All Stages’ is a fusion of wild and sustainably harvested plant extracts. Our proprietary formula is a results driven recipe that combines a powerhouse of naturally occurring bio-stimulants, organic growth factors, enzymes, and vital nutrients. Within each of our plant extracts is a plethora of highly beneficial and powerful …

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Tappin’Roots Dynamic soil Amender

Tappin’ Roots-Dynamic Soil Amender is a high potency formula designed to improve the quality of your growing medium and encourage superior plant development. It is packaged for easy application and conveniently put into 2 & 5 Gallon buckets that treat an entire pallet to half a pallet of soil. Our formula is specially designed to …

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Tappin’Roots is one of the most utilized Nutrients on the west coast!

Tappin’ Roots is a timeless blend of wild harvested plant extracts infused with modern day horticultural technology and naturally occurring micronutrients that provide for your plants without the harmful side effects of chemical fertilizers. Tappin’ Roots can be used at any stage of the plant’s development, from cutting until flush. It is compatible with any …

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