Beyond Vitamin B1 – A Botanical Extract You Should Know About!

One of the most exciting sights for gardeners is the first sign of spring.  As the daylight grows and the soil warms up, the movement of flora and fauna awakens. Soft grass sprouts, bright green leaves emerge from dormancy, and swelling flower buds burst into colorful bouquets. Both birds and gardeners begin to sing!  Planting season is here!

Take a trip to your local Garden Center, and you’re instantly immersed in a vibrant selection of spring inventory. Trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, annual flowers – they all await a new home in your garden.

The B1 Myth

To get plants off to a good start, you’ll need a few items to ensure healthy transplanting and to stimulate new root growth. Once upon a time vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) was the panacea for healthy transplanting. For more than 50 years it has been marketed as the go-to product to prevent transplant shock and to stimulate new root growth to tender plants. However, recent studies from U.C. Davis, Sunset Magazine and others have found that the transplant benefits of B1 have been largely exaggerated.

Where Did all the Hype Originate?

Robert Cox, Horticulture Agent at Colorado State University explains it like this:

“A study in the 1930’s provided the basis for such claims. Pea roots cut off from the plant were placed in a culture medium in the laboratory. The researchers knew that thiamine [B1] was normally found in roots, so they put thiamine in the culture medium and found that root growth did occur.  Vitamin B1 is manufactured in Plant leaves and sent to the roots, but if roots are cut off and placed in a petri plate, vitamin B1 stimulates growth of the roots when it saturates the culture medium. Planting trees in a soil environment, however, is vastly different from a laboratory culture.  Most important, gardeners aren’t in the habit of cutting off the root system when planting. Several studies using intact mums, apple trees, orange trees, pine, tomato, beans, pepper, corn, pear, watermelon and squash have failed to demonstrate that vitamin B1 treatments provide any type of growth response.”  Additionally, a Sunset Magazine article covering the B1 myth states: “The University of California research on vegetables failed to prove that B1 reduces transplant shock OR stimulates root development. Researchers found “no discernible differences in color or vigor among treatments”

B1’s claim to rooting fame is not all marketing, B1 does play an important role in root development, but the benefits are manufactured within the plant, naturally by leaves, and then sent to the roots to promote new growth. Unfortunately, there is no benefit when it’s applied directly to the roots. When gardeners experience positive results from B1 products, it is because the formula most likely had additives such as synthetic rooting additives and fertilizers to pick up the slack.

So, What’s the Alternative?

The proper ingredients at time of planting can mean the difference between your rose bush going into shock and not growing vs. a rose bush that sprouts new roots in as little as 3 days and thrives from the get-go!

So, if B1 is bogus, what is the alternative?

There are various starting fertilizers that can help – a dose of rich soil and nutrients, especially phosphorus will definitely give plants a jump start. But one of the most gentle and effective products on the market today is Tappin’ Roots All Stages. This timeless recipe is handcrafted from 100% natural plant extracts in Occidental, Ca.

The Wonders of Willow

Tappin’ Roots is a rooting and all purpose fertilizer made up of botanical extracts, mainly willow tree extract. The Willow tree has been planted, grown, studied and revered for thousands of years all around the world due to its ability to adapt to any soil condition and its wide variety of uses which range from medicinal to horticultural.

The horticultural interest stems not only from its unusual pendulous limbs, but because willows have amazing growth capabilities. Cut a willow tree off at ground level and it will re-grow several new shoots. Place a broken willow branch in water and it will quickly produce new roots. A large piece of an old willow trunk placed in moist soil will grow an entirely new tree and branch cuttings planted upside down in moist soil will take root and also start a new tree! The secret to this amazing growth is due to the willow’s unique concentration of phytohormones and several other beneficial elements naturally occurring within the willow. These raw materials work synergistically to promote the tree’s desire to live and thrive under whatever conditions it may find itself in. This remarkable plant extract is the best, 100% natural root propagator and transplant shock aid known to man, and it’s one of the active ingredients in Tappin’ Roots All Stages. The extraction process plays a large role in the effectiveness of this growth tonic. We have a proprietary extraction process and patented formula!

Tappin’ Roots to the Rescue

Tappin’ Roots will care for cuttings, new plantings and even established plants with a variety of raw botanical extracts and micronutrients specifically selected for their natural ability to trigger growth and vigor. Tappin’ Roots offers multiple benefits to plants at any stage of development, but truly works wonders on new transplants. It is safe to use on all plants, won’t burn tender roots, increases propagation success rate and virtually eliminates transplant shock. After propagation and transplant, the natural ingredients will continue to help the plant grow strong with increased vitality. For gardeners looking to avoid the perils of synthetic products, Tappin’ Roots promises 100% natural ingredients that work fast, yet pose zero risk of burning. The ingredients are biodegradable and safe for plants, people, pets and the planet!  

Big benefits of Tappin’ Roots

  • Promotes superior & vigorous root growth
  • Promotes strong vegetative/foliage growth
  • Promotes premium flowering & fruiting
  • Promotes healthy plant growth processes
  • Reduces transplant shock & stress
  • High in essential micronutrients
  • Can be used on any plant, any size, at any stage of growth
  • Can be used in stronger dilutions with zero risk of burning
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with any fertilizer
  • Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly
  • Visible results in 1-3 days

How to Use

Tappin’ Roots is extremely easy to use. Simply add to water and use as a root drench and/or a foliar spray. New cuttings watered and misted with a diluted Tappin’ Roots solution will sprout root nodes in as little as 24 hours and new root growth in about 3 days! Use on established plants for growth enhancement and ailing plants as a vitality booster. It can be added to drip, hydroponic and aeroponic systems too.  

Green Manufacturing

The ingredients in Tappin’ Roots are derived from clean, natural and organic sources. The company utilizes a proprietary & chemical-free extraction process to preserve the integrity of each ingredient. This approach to quality ensures a top-tier product that is safe and effective for all gardeners, while being kind to the planet.

Ingredients: Willow extract, kelp extract, calcium.

Where to Buy

Tappin’ Roots All Stages can be found at local garden centers as well as indoor garden store locations across the country. To find the retailer near you, CLICK HERE.


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