About Us

Tappin' Roots is for Everyone

Dandelion Enterprises is located in Sonoma County, CA. We create high-quality horticultural products using natural processes gained from years of organic farming practices. We strive to produce nutrients that help build strong plants and high-yielding, sustainable crops through our easy-to-use products.

We strive to produce safe and effective plant fertilizers and plant nutrients made from natural sources without the use of chemicals or harsh processing. Our fertilizer is made from plants for plants.

We are pioneers in creating plant-based fertilizers. We strive to bring in a new era of horticultural practices with our plant-based technologies. Our products include natural, plant-based ingredients, that are pet-friendly and environmentally safe.

Whether you’re a houseplant enthusiast, a backyard gardener or a commercial farmer, we offer a variety of products that will fit your gardening needs.

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