5 Star Testimonials

  • Kevin Harrington Origanal (Shark From the Shark Tank) !

    For best results use Tappin'Roots All Stages Plant Fertilizer !

  • My Garden

    I used Tappin Roots in my Veggie Garden, in San Rafael. In a 60 plot community garden, and my first year gardening too. I pretty much out produced everyone. I harvested over 70 peppers from one Jalepño plant. Hundreds of pounds of the best tasting tomatoes ever. I harvested 30 + bell peppers today. 

  • 5 Stars

    This stuff works period! All Stages makes the most gorgeous, best tasting, thin skin, juicy tomatoes.

  • 5 Star

    Best garden Ive had hands down it cured the defiencies in my plants from using another product that was not organic. I noticed increased growth, dense flowers due to bending my branches over. Cant wait for next years grow Tappin Roots will be my go to start to finish.

  • Gardening

    I’ve been gardening a few years this year I tried Tappin'Root's line and ran them all year hands down best product I’ve ever used my best harvest too date thanks.