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Plants Need a Boost? Try Tappin' Roots !

Dandelion Enterprises is a family owned business located in Occidental, California. We create unique horticultural products. We are innovators, using natural processes to build a sustainable future. We have been organic farmers for many decades in one of the horticultural capitals of the world.


All Natural for every stage of your plants life Cycle

Tappin’ Roots is a timeless blend of wild harvested plant extracts infused with modern day horticultural technology and naturally occurring micronutrients that provide for your plants without the harmful side effects of chemical fertilizers. Tappin’ Roots can be used at any stage of the plant’s development, from cutting until flush. It is compatible with any soil (root drench), hydroponic, or aeroponic system and will not clog any drip feed systems or misting emitters. You should see visible results seen within 3 days, or even sooner with foliar feeding. The gentle yet powerful formulation will never burn plants and prevents nutrient lockout at the root level. Tappin’ Roots is pH neutral.Tappin’ Roots is excellent for cuttings. It is also very easy and versatile to use, just foliar feed until nodes appear, then add to the normal feeding regimen. Within seven days, stocks will thicken, multiple sets of leaves will appear, and roots will emerge.

Tappin’ Roots provides the vital building blocks required for optimal growth in a readily accessible form that promotes healthy root systems and strengthens plants natural functions.

Tappin’ Roots directs nutrients where plants need them most, throughout the various stages of the plants life cycle, encouraging strong cellular structure with heavy blooms and hearty fruits. When used in conjunction with high NPK nutrients Tappin’ Roots reduces the amount of additional fertilizers by about half.

Root Production

Root Production

Maintains a flourishing root system throughout the plants entire life cycle.

Vegetative Development

Vegetative Development

With Indoor gardening environments Tappin’ Roots usually cuts veg time in 



Foliar feeding = visible results in 2 days.
Root drench = visible results in 3 days.

Some Facts about Tappin’ Roots?

year old blend of wild harvested plant extracts and naturally occurring micronutrients
percent natural ingredients that are harvested with Ecologically sustainable methods Making Tappin Roots a safe and biodegradable product.
days for visual results with foliar feeding
days for visual results with root drench

In my 25 years of farming I have never used a product that has so many great benefits and visual results within Days.

— Mary Phillips —


The wild crafted ingredients of Tappin’ Roots are hand harvested using ecologically sustainable methods. Each batch is processed using no chemicals producing a 100% natural product.

Root Production

100% Natural and biodegradable

  • Maintain root system throughout plants entire life cycle
  • Can be used on plants of any size, or any stage
  • Can be used in any amount-no burning, no nutrient lockout.
  • Wild crafted by hand in individual batches

Vegetative Development

In most cases Tappin’ Roots cuts veg time in 
half in indoor gardening environments.

  • Flowering and Fruiting Stage
  • Supports Plants Natural Functions
  • Builds Stout Green Foliage


It’s recommended to be used as a one-part nutrient, or in 
conjunction with your normal feeding regimen.

  • Foliar feeding= visible results in 2 days
  • Root drench= visible results in 3 days
  • Is compatible with any other product, any system.


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Customer Comments

  • I have farmed for thirty years. This year my crops have produced twice the yield thanks to Tappin’ Roots All Stages. We are very happy with this product.

    — Pleasant Grove Farms —
  • Our plant starts grew much faster than we could have expected. We are amazed.

    — Rob Gibson —

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All Natural for every stage of your plants life cycle




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